Our Buyers’ FAQs:

  1. When do I pay retail sales tax?
    1. If the Seller is a registered business, applicable retail sales tax is collected on the winning bid or Buy It Now price.
    2. If the Seller is a NOT a registered business then NO retail sales taxes are owing on the winning bid or Buy It Now price.
    3. Applicable retail sales tax is collected on all Seller’s Fees and Premiums.
  2. Why do I need to enter my credit card number to start bidding?

    This information is needed to process payments for all our Buyers’ winning bids. We use secure, industry-standard third-party solutions to ensure your banking information is kept private. In auctions, every bid is considered a contractual obligation and, as such, your payment method is required before bidding.

  3. What is a Buyer’s Premium?

    In auctions, the Buyer’s Premium is a percentage additional charge on the winning bid of the lot that must be paid to the auctioneer by the winner. iHasta.com does not charge Buyer’s Premiums.

  4. What is a Soft Close?

    Soft Closes prevent bidders from placing last minute bids without allowing the other bidders time to increase their bids.  With a soft close, the end time of an auction will be extended if a new bid is submitted within the last couple minutes of the auction.  This process will recur until the extended time runs out without any new bids, thus ascertaining that no participating bidder was willing to make a higher bid.

  5. What do I do if I won an auction lot but can’t be onsite to pick the item up?

    If you cannot be onsite to pick up your won auction lot, be sure to arrange for someone else (family or friend) to be onsite to pick up the lot for you during the scheduled pickup window. The person picking up your item must present a copy of your invoice, and 1 piece of government issued photo ID, to be allowed to claim your item. If your lot is not picked up during the date and time listed, you will have forfeited your item and it will be disposed of by the seller.

  6. What if I feel the lot I bought was misrepresented?

    The Buyer is to document/photograph the misrepresentation while onsite at pickup and contact us via the Contact Us page right away with your documentation. Please note, if we discover the discrepancy is not valid, the Seller will receive the funds from your purchase and, if you leave pickup without taking the item, you have forfeited your item as per our Terms of Use.

  7. What is a “Highest Bid”?

    iHasta.com Inc recommends using the “Highest Bid” feature to place the highest bid that you are willing to make on an item you are interested in winning. Unless it is already the current high bid, you can change your “Highest Bid”. Your bid will only go up if another competing bid is placed against yours and your bid will only go up by the minimum bid increment. If you opt not to use this feature, be prepared to monitor your bids, especially during the last minutes before the auction closes. If you have opted in to our email and SMS reminders, you will be notified by email and/or SMS once your Highest Bid has been placed.

  8. When I first started bidding on a lot, my bid was increasing by $1 per bid but then it increased to $5 per bid. Do you have changing bid increments?

    Yes, iHasta has a set of standard bid increments that are based on the amount of the lot’s current bid. See the table below to see the bid increment increase for each bid range.

    Bid range: Bid Increment Increase:
    $0.00 to $35.00 $1.00
    $35.01 to $100.00 $5.00
    $100.01 to $1,000.00 $10.00
    $1,000.01 to $5,000.00 $50.00
    $5,000.01 to $10,000.00 $100.00
    $10,000.01 to $1,000,000.00 $250.00
  9. When looking at the Bidding History of a lot, why does it sometimes look like the same bidder is bidding against himself?

    The bidder with the Current Bid has placed a new Highest Bid.

  10. Why is the Pickup Time on the invoice for the auction lots I bought different from what is listed on each individual auction lot on the website?

    In order to make the pickup process run more smoothly for all parties, if you buy lots from both Pickup Window A and Pickup Window B, your Pickup Window will default to Pickup Window A. If you buy lots from Pickup Window A and/or Pickup Window B as well as Pickup Window C, your Pickup Window will default to Pickup Window C.
    The Pickup Time listed on your invoice is the time you will be expected for pickup.

Our Sellers’ FAQs:

  1. I have items to sell, which Seller’s Package is right for me?

    That depends on how many items you are selling, if you want to host a single auction or multiple auctions throughout the year and if you can manage the auction yourself or would prefer to hire our professional team.  Review the various Sellers Packages here.

  2. Why are the bids in your current auction listings so low?

    Typically, most bidding occurs during the last few hours before the auction closes with the last hour being the most competitive.  Our soft-close feature kicks in during the last two minutes of each auction.  Each time a bid is placed during the soft-close period, time is extended by an additional two minutes, allowing bidders an experience similar to a live auction.  Bidding is extended until no new bids are placed during a two minute period.

  3. How is my auction marketed and can I share it via my social media?

    iHasta.com Inc is regularly promoting the auctions and our services to our subscribers and online.  Since you are the DIY auctioneer for your auction, we have created a step by step, easy to implement  “How to Market My Auction” campaign so you can also leverage your social media to promote your auction.

  4. What should I consider when setting my auction’s Pickup Window?

    We recommend setting your pickup window at least 24 hours after your auction ends.  Most Sellers will allow 2 to 3 days for the Buyers to make pickup arrangements.  Allowing 2-3 days between auction close and pickup date may attract more Bidders to your auction. We also recommend you set aside at least 3 hours for your pickup window. Starting your pickup window at the end of a traditional work day (5pm) may also attract more Bidders to your auction.

  5. What kind of items can I sell?

    As long as it is legal to resell, you can sell almost anything on iHasta.com. We recommend making your individual lots as attractive and valuable as possible.  One item on it’s own may not bring as many Bidders to the table as several similar items together so when building your lots, try to appeal to as many Bidders as possible. If you still have questions, reach out to our customer service team here.

  6. Why is one of my lots not showing on my Sales Report?

    If a lot did not get a bid, it will not be listed on the Sales Report.