How It Works for Sellers

Free up your space and money by selling items you no longer want. Use our DIY auction portal to cut out tedious bartering, avoid managing multiple pick up dates and times, worrying about the risky transfer of cash and dealing with inconvenient no shows.
In other words, iHasta makes selling your stuff quick and easy!

iHasta Sellers include professional downsizers, estate clearers, buy/sell enthusiasts, collectors, dealers, surplus liquidators, families downsizing from large family home, seniors and Senior Move Managers. So just about every adult around!

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and select the SELLER’S PACKAGE that’s best for you.
Seller’s Packages vary depending on the amount of items you want to sell and if you want our professional help.
The various DIY packages allow you to easily manage your auction using iHasta’s state of the art technology and step by step instructions.

DIY Online Auction

Or just sit back and hire iHasta’s team of authorized professionals* to handle your Online Auction for you and leave the work to us. *This Service is Not Yet Available in all Markets.

DI4Y Online Auction

Want to know more about running a DIY Auction? Here’s the general idea:

Step 1.

Group the items you want to sell into “lots” and take photos that show the good and the bad. Upload your photos and brief descriptions.

Step 2.

Select the date your online auction will end. Determine your pickup date and time window for the buyers to come and pick up their stuff. This is usually two to four days after your auction ends.  Verify your auction information and then launch your auction.

Step 3.

Once your auction is finished, go to Dashboard – My Auction Reports to view the Sales Report and Pickup Report for your auction. On pickup day, use the Pickup Report to keep your pickups organized and get a few friends to be onsite with you to help the process go smoothly, and in three hours or less. The Buyers will show you their invoice and government issued photo ID, will do all the packing and lifting, you just supervise the removal. In as early as 48 hours after pickup, your profits will be released to you. Your Sales Report will breakdown the individual lot sales, as well as many other details so you will know what to expect in your bank account.