iHasta’s community of Buyers and Sellers is proud to support our local not-for-profits and charitable organizations. iHasta Support’s total amount raised is


iHasta Support

As a way to give back to the communities we service, iHasta.com created a new fundraising opportunity named iHasta Support. iHasta.com partners with selected registered not-for-profits and charitable organizations to sponsor the hosting of their online fundraising auctions.

How iHasta Support Works:

This program is unique as the organizations are able to put a call out to their supporters through their social media channels requesting them to support the auction in these three ways:  

  1.  By donating and uploading any unwanted items to the charity’s online auction.  
  2.  By bidding on the auction lots they are interested in.  
  3.  By spreading the word and sharing the fundraiser’s auction listings via their own social media accounts and asking their networks to do the same.  

This opportunity opens new doors for the organizations, allowing them to attract new donors and potentially beat current donor fatigue by having their donors donate items that they currently own, but no longer want or use.  Organizations can also include any unsold silent auction prizes they have in storage from previous events.

iHasta.com supports this initiative by donating the auction package for this auction as well as ensuring the funds from all successful final bids are deposited into the organization’s account. iHasta helps to ensure the success of the fundraiser by promoting the organization’s auction online through our social media channels.

Is Your Organization Interested In Becoming an iHasta Support Partner?

To be considered as an iHasta Support partner, upload a 30 second video submission below.  Submissions over 30 seconds will not be considered.  All submissions become property of iHasta.com Online Auctions and may be viewed by our iHasta community.  If your organization is selected, this video will be used to help promote awareness of your auction and fundraising cause. Base your 30 second video submission off the following talking points:

  1.  What organization are you representing?
  2.  What does your organization do?
  3.  When do you think the best month would be for your auction fundraiser and is your organization currently associated with a specific month for fundraising purposes?
  4.  At what level would you like your auction to be promoted? (ie. local, provincial or national)
  5.  Why are you fundraising?
  6.  How much are you trying to raise for this campaign?

For more information on the iHasta Support program, email auctions@ihasta.com

  • Accepted file types: mp4, avi, mov, wmv, flv.